A new book based on the doctor's Filonov 25-year experience in supervising group dry fasts.

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In 2005 the Russian Ministry of Health approved the clinical use of the dry fasting method as part of combined dry&water fasting. This followed volunteer tests that showed the safety of the dry fasting method and clinical studies showed its effectiveness. By that time, Soviet doctors have been using extensively therapeutic water fasting for about 50 years. Their experience and the understanding of the physiology of fasting laid the basis for progress in studies of dry fasting.

Despite the official approval, both dry and water fasting are rarely used today in Russia. The clinical application of methods requires highly skilled doctors who will assume responsibility for fasters, but their number is falling. On this website, we collected some results obtained by the Russian fasting school. The dry fasting is presented by a book of dr. Filonov and by the abstract of a thesis written by dr. Khoroshilov. Most texts are translated into English for the first time.

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