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E-book “20 Q&A about Dry Fasting” –
Sergey Filonov

“20 Questions and Answers about Dry Fasting” is the only book that provides a detailed instruction for conducting dry fasts of various durations. There have been, in fact, scientific publications and official recommendations on dry fasting for up to 3 days, but longer fasting terms have remained terra incognita up until recently. Dr. Filonov’s book is of interest as a pioneering work in this field, even if it does not aspire to a status of a scientific work. We hope that, in addition to fasting aficionados, the book will also elicit an interest in scientists who will conduct further research of this topic.

Editor: Vera Giovanna Bani
Siberika books, 2019, 282 p.

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Nick Manthey - "Purchased as well and can vouch for the package of e-books as containing hundreds of pages of information on fasting which appears to be of high quality. Thanks."

Chloe Brooks - "Fantastic book! Currently reading it after seeing the interview on YouTube. Thank you!"

Dodji Seketeli - "I bought the book and devoured it. I'll read it again soon. I must say that I *loved* it. We became so weak as a society that the simple idea of dry fasting makes us drown in fear. The very very few doctors who would not be against fasting are scared to death about the idea of not drinking for a few days. So this book is a tremendous resource for those of us who started to practise dry fasting regularly (as a general prophylactic practice) by trial and error, and by discovering it on our own. One thing that I particularly liked is the highlight you guys put on the fact that fasting has been the subject of more than 80 PhD thesis in the soviet union in the 20th century. That's way more than what has been done anywere in the world. There is a solid scientific basis there. So again, the book is an invaluable resource. Thank you for your excellent work. If you ever happen to translate another even more in-depth book about dry fasting physiology from Dr Filonov, I'll be happy to buy and recommend it, any time."

Reviews on Youtube 

Alexander D Wang - "I never got a chance to comment after purchasing the english translated book. The amount of effort that went into constructing the translations and structuring the proper phrasing is phenomenal. The book consists of many useful techniques and broad insight that went into studying the act of dry fasting for overall well being. Everything from preparation to recovery is broken down very meticulously to allow the user a plethora of options for how they may wish to conduct their fasting method. Thank you very much for all of the care that everyone contributed to bring this beneficial practice to fruition for all to experience."

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